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We are a small group of enthusiasts who have been training since 2007 under the direction of Capo Istruttore Rupert Sedlmayr. Besides the fun of fencing, we are driven above all by an interest in the often little-known martial arts traditions that have been passed down in northern Italy to this day. The term "La Superba" (in reference to the nickname of the city of Genoa) gives us a umbrella name for our martial arts collection, under which we train a whole range of traditional fighting methods.

Capo Istruttore Rupert Sedlmayr

1993-1998 Olympic Sports Fencing (sabre and épée)
1999-2006 Kung Fu: Hung Gar and Hung Sing Choy Lay Fut
2010-2013 Kung Fu:  I Liq Chuan (Zhong Xin Dao)
since 2004 Northern Italian Martial Arts
since 2012 Covered cut-fencing (Fehn and Hornstein; HEMA sabre)
since 2013 Kreusslerian thrust-fencing (HEMA smallsword)
since 2013 Yoga and Meditation
since 2021 Stockschschlagen (Ravenstein; HEMA stickfighting)


Place: Flößergasse 8, 81369 München, 1. Stock, Chiba Dojo

Time: Thursday 7:00 pm - 8:45 pm and 8:15 pm - 10:00 pm

We only teach people aged 18 and over

Assalto (Sparring)

Typical practice duel in the coltello settentrionale style

The styles of La Superba in detail

Coltello settentrionale  (Northern Italian Knife Fencing)

This comprehensive style of dueling, typical of the styles of the North, is very simply called "Northern Knife". This very complete method is based on the "scherma del assalto del leone" (fencing of the lion's assault), which was developed by Maestro Antonio Merendoni on the basis of classical Italian fencing and the fighting methods of the Arditi (special unit in WWI). The style was expanded by Maestro Roberto Laura and by Rupert Sedlmayr and partly reorganised, which made a new name necessary.

The coltello settentrionale is characterised by the very classical fencing stance, by its striding footwork and by its long-range attacks from the wide measure, but with more than a dozen fighting stances (guardie) it contains tactics for practically all fighting situations.

Bastone genovese (Cane from Genoa)

The "Cane of Genoa" is a civic fighting system that, in addition to the eponymous walking stick, also teaches the heavy two-handed stick, the short baton, the knife, savate genovese (Genoese kickboxing) and gambetto (Genoese wrestling). The method is taught to us by Maestro Claudio Parodi, who has become a close friend and whom we visit as often as possible in Genoa.

Bastone genovese is characterised by its straightforward, powerful, direct actions, from which one can very clearly read its roots as the street self-defence of cart drivers and dock workers. There is no time wasted here!

Metodi regionali (other regional methods)

Emilia-Romagna: Coltello romagnolo, Manganello Romagnolo

Piedmont: Coltello piemontese, Roncola torinese, Roncola sinti-piemontese

Veneto: Accetta

More to come soon!








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